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Fine Dining Menu

This Fine Dining Menu is for our personal chef services, which includes gourmet plated meals served by our staff. We offer a personal fine dining menu with our gourmet entrees, as you'll have the full fine dining experience you deserve. We have an array of different options that will certainly appease anyone that experiences Direct Elite Chefs gourmet food service.

Plated Appetizers

  • Creamy Lobster bisque  $19.99

  • French onion soup  $12.00

  • She crab bisque with toast  $18.99

  • Five spice roasted duck breast topped with cranberry sauce  $19.99

  • Crispy Fried calamari with side cocktail sauce  $20.00

  • Cajun Maryland crab cake over corn succotash and capers remoulade sauce  $23.99

  • Pan seared jumbo scallop paired with Thai curry sauce and cheesy grits cake  $22.00

  • Roasted chicken roulade and whole grain mustard Au jus over sweet potato puree  $18.99

  • Marinated grilled lamb chop with smoked Gouda polenta cake  $22.50

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