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Discover an inspired interpretation of classic dishes, exemplifying the use of fresh ingredient pairings to enhance this treasured delicacy.


Seasonal fruits and berries platter served w/ strawberry yogurt.


Seasonal sliced fruit platter

Image of Seasonal sliced fruit platter


Pan- seared and baked to perfection w/ lemon capers remoulade sauce.


Classic Maryland Mini Crab Cakes

Image of Classic Maryland Mini Crab Cakes


Shrimp poached in a citrus broth contains orange, lemon and basil to add a fresh citrusy flavor. served with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges.


Citrus Prawn Cocktail

Image of Citrus Prawn Cocktail


These petite quiches in three crowd-pleasing flavors of Ham, Cheese or Spinach.


Assorted Mini Quiche

Image of Assorted Mini Quiche


Jerk chicken sliders topped with a mango and pineapple relish.


Jerk Chicken Sliders

Image of Jerk Chicken Sliders


Baked smoked chicken, pork or beef stuffed in a marinated baby Portabella mushroom.


Stuffed Smoked Mushrooms

Image of Stuffed Smoked Mushrooms


Heirloom tomato, marinated baby mozzarella and fresh basil w/ balsamic.


Tomato Mozzarella Cheese Skewers

Image of Tomato Mozzarella Cheese Skewers


Thai chicken satay skewers with peanut dipping sauce.


Chicken Satays Skewers

Image of Chicken Satays Skewers


Smoked salmon arranged on a tray garnish w/ onion, capers, diced eggs. Served /w crackers or mini toasted bagel and cream cheese.


Smoked Salmon Platter

Image of Smoked Salmon Platter


Fresh seasonal fruit and berries with domestic and imported cheeses served with crackers, grape, dried fruit, roasted nuts and chutney.


Artisan Fruit and Cheese Board

Image of Artisan Fruit and Cheese Board


Cocktail style sauteed Cajun shrimp and smoked Gouda cheese grits, served with tomato creole sauce.


Shrimp N' Grits

Image of Shrimp N' Grits


Marinated beef tenderloin cube and sauteed mushroom rapped in puffed pastry and bake to perfection.


Mini Beef Wellingtons

Image of Mini Beef Wellingtons


Blackened shrimp, avocado and cucumber canapes topped with caviar.


Shrimp and Cucumber Canapes

Image of Shrimp and Cucumber Canapes


Carved Angus beef tenderloin and sweet caramelized onion on toasted garlic brioche.


Beef Canapes

Image of Beef Canapes


Cajun chicken salad topped with avocado relish in tortilla shells.


Cajun Chicken Bites

Image of Cajun Chicken Bites


Grilled rosemary marinated lamb chop served with mint jelly.


Lollipop Lamb Chops

Image of Lollipop Lamb Chops


Creamy and cheesy, brimming with spinach and artichoke baked to perfection serve with toasted flat bread or your favorite chips.


Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Image of Spinach and Artichoke Dip


Mini Jamaican beef patties perfect addition to hors d'oeuvres parties.


Cocktail Jamaican Beef Patties

Image of Cocktail Jamaican Beef Patties


Delicious and Authentic


Slow braised oxtail served with your favorite side items.


Braised Oxtail

Image of Braised Oxtail


Jerk chicken marinated and slow grill to perfection.


Jerk Chicken

Image of Jerk Chicken


Authentic, braised curry chicken over steamed jasmine rice along with your favorite vegetables.


Curry Chicken

Image of Curry Chicken


Sauteed Chicken tossed with peppers and penne pasta, served with a creamy jerk sauce.


Rasta Pasta

Image of Rasta Pasta


Seasoned fried red snapper topped with authentic Escovitch spicy sauce.


Jamaican Escovitch Red Snapper

Image of Jamaican Escovitch Red Snapper


A favorite Caribbean side item for any dish.


Fried Plantains

Image of Fried Plantains

Jamaican Delight Cuisine

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